LIVE: Enter Shikari / Lower Than Atlantis / Astroid Boys

When: 25/11/17
Where: Alexandra Palace, London
Rating: 5/5

Astroid Boys

For five guys from Cardiff who like to toy with the perimeters of urban and hardcore music, we imagine showcasing their hybrid creations to the colossal Alexandra Palace is a daunting task for Astroid Boys. You wouldn’t know it, however, as they throw everything into their performance without hesitation. It’s unlike anything this venue has probably seen before, and that makes them an incredibly refreshing opening act.

Lower Than Atlantis

lower than atlantis

Image: Promo

Enter Shikari don’t often pick straight-up alt-rock bands as their hype acts, so there must be something pretty special about Lower Than Atlantis for them to be offered the prestigious spot. They storm onto the stage with immense power, crunching guitar riffs and huge beats echoing throughout Ally Pally. They make good music, and they play it well – it doesn’t have the same visual awe as Shikari, but that makes us all the more hungry for the imminent main course.

Enter Shikari


Image: PR

Enter Shikari are a band whose live shows exceed expectations time and time again, and with every new album comes a new visual feast. How, then, will the quartet up their game once again when touring fifth studio album, The Spark?

Simply, they overwhelm. They overload us with such a sensory bombardment that every aspect of the night, the venue and the performance is carefully constructed to ensure our full attention never wavers. From the spellbinding visual effects decorating every number to the quadraphonic sound bouncing across the room, Enter Shikari go above and beyond.

Of course, music is where our love affair with the St Albans powerhouse began, and their setlist panders to our every desire. Enter Shikari fuse the old and the new effortlessly, with recent numbers such as ‘The Sights‘ and ‘Rabble Rouser‘ igniting as much fire from fans as more beloved favourites. Tunes like ‘The Last Garrison‘, ‘Arguing With Thermometers‘ and ‘Adieu‘ – which sees the band venturing into the centre of Ally Pally and performing an awesome remix outro – will always hold a place in our hearts. But the energy never drops, no matter what banger blasts out.

With a quick-fire mash-up, a final few flourishes of SFX and a finale of The Spark‘s lead single ‘Live Outside‘, Enter Shikari top off their night at Alexandra Palace. They undeniably set a bar that every live band should aspire towards, and the level of detail and dedication poured into every second is impeccable, not to mention an amazing stage presence and fantastic tracks. Enter Shikari are, without a doubt, the best that British alternative music has to offer right now, and we couldn’t be prouder to call them our own.



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