REVIEW: Seven Stories High – Deadweight

Welsh quintet Seven Stories High are releasing self-released EP Deadweight. The EP is based on the tale of King Midas, but has been adapted to target battles of mental health, with the aim being that the narrative is also open for listeners to interpret what they want and to make a personal connection.

From the get-go with ‘Apathy’, we are met with a classic pop-punk feel with uplifting, edgy guitar stabs. Vocalist Rhys Hyett-Ferrier has a very strong, empowering voice, with mostly clean vocals throughout. We occasionally hear rough screams, particularly in the chorus: “I hate the way I feel, it’s why I can’t sleep”. Although the lyrics can be quite daunting, the light, springy feel of the song makes it the ideal pop-punk track.

‘Midas’ has a different pace altogether, starting off with just gentle acoustic guitar and soft vocals but, partway through, forceful drums and dominant guitars come into the mix, giving some great diversity. Next up is ‘Hoax’, where the tempo is brought back up and gutsy riffs introduce us to the track. It’s a short, snappy song that could really get a live crowd going!

The EP comes to a close with ‘Alchemy Part 1’, where vocalist Hyett-Ferrier really showcases his vocals as he reaches those high notes. This is also the only number with more focus on the guitar, using both a solo and picking with the melody. The finale of this track is a stand-out on the EP, as we hear other members of the band joining in to harmonise and create a chorus of voices.

Deadweight is an energetic EP. Sticking to an overall concept but adapting to make it more open is a strong way to go to solidify their musicality. It’s a solid release, but with a few more singles released to gain more publicity, we see no reason why these guys won’t go far!

Deadweight by Seven Stories High is out now via self-release. 


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