REVIEW: Sittingthesummerout – Brick And Mortar

sittingthesummerout album

Milan quintet sittingthesummerout are about to release their sophomore EP Brick and Mortar. The band, who are named after frontman Samir Batista’s aversion for the summer season, have already released one EP Pas Du Tout, which showed the band experimenting with intricate, harmonious melodies and poignant vocals. Their new release Brick and Mortar isn’t any different.

The EP kicks off with the delicate ‘Nothing Changes In Baltimore’. The track, which was inspired by a journey through the USA, cleverly switches between a soft, ambient melody and energetic, hardcore refrains. The vocals begin as an emotive spoken word, but quickly turn into passionate singing and eventually become aggravated, post-hardcore screaming.

The moody ‘It Won’t Rain Forever’ is a dark ballad with weighty, detached spoken word verses and raw, melancholy screams. The track in all its emo glory is one of our favourites off the EP. Elsewhere, ‘Permanence’ is fuelled by an atmospheric, soothing (and at times, disjointed) melody and intense soulful vocals. And ‘Dry, Dry June’ is a short 1-minute interlude featuring bright riffs, Batista’s expressive spoken word, and the subtle sounds of a car driving on the road.

The EP closes with the melodious post-hardcore track ‘To Those Concerned’. The song features a temperamental melody with sombre vocals and punchy, spirited riffs.

Between their intricate, tuneful melodies, clever use of gentle and intense vocals and their blatant disregard for the standard structure of a song, the band has really hit the nail on the head with this EP! We’re excited about the future of sittingthesummerout because if this EP is any indication, it’s going to be damn good!

Brick and Mortar by sittingthesummerout is released 1st December via Ghost Factory Records & Art


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