REVIEW: The Cherry Dolls – Viva Los Dolls

cherry dolls album

The Cherry Dolls are fairly new to our shores, but that’s all about to change. The eclectic Australian quintet are releasing their debut album Viva Los Dolls, and if the reception their years of gigs and EP releases down under are anything to go by, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. They’ve been building up their hype even more recently with videos released for some of the record’s most anticipated tracks such as ‘Slave’ and ‘Blister’, so we thought it only right to see what else the lads have got in store!

First track ‘C.O.P Out‘ kicks things off with a bang, as well as probably causing the album’s parental advisory label. The tightly controlled riffs are incessantly catchy, but mix things up just enough to stop any listeners getting bored. This is a little bit of a contrast from the pure fiery rage of the lyrics, which pack a real punch due to their thoughtful criticisms. All of this is complemented by their singer’s true passion, which you can also find in spades on their next track ‘Slave’. The sense of charisma coming off this song was genuinely unexpected; maybe it’s that irresistible energy and electricity hitting again, combined with the slightly old-school rock and roll vibes, but it’s thoroughly charming to listen to. With the energising swagger reminiscent of bands like The Strokes combined with foot-tapping headbanging catchiness, this anthem to love and loss is one you’ll be humming for the rest of the day the second you hear it.

From here, it’s a hop and a skip to ‘Kimchi’. Credit is due from the start of this one for putting a much-needed spotlight on the drumming with a quirky funk-infused beat. The track is a little slower than those that come before it on the record, building anticipation the whole way through. It sets itself up as pretty unique on the album, showing that these lads are comfortable with drawing from a myriad of influences to get the most out of their tunes.

This is also clear from standout track ‘Begging You Please’; it’s a little more rough around the edges, with the grunge-style distortion of the guitars and the echoed vocals making a darker overall sound. This is best shown on the bridge and final chorus, which hold an almost psychedelic sound. ‘Begging You Please’ beautifully leads into the grand finale of ‘Blister’ – trust us, it’s way nicer to listen to than the title and some of the lyrics would suggest! The album certainly ends on a high note; the sheer level of variety and charm this little album holds in its tracks tells us that The Cherry Dolls are ones to watch coming into the new year.


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