My Chemical Romance’s Album ‘Danger Days…’ is Certified Gold – Here Are 5 Songs from the Record That Still Rock!

After what seems like far too long, My Chemical Romance‘s iconic concept record ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’ has sold 500,000 units, making it officially certified gold. This is a huge achievement for the band and, while the band are still on hiatus, we reckon this is an album that’s definitely worth looking back on. ‘Danger Days’ was my first foray into emo and its subculture, at the tender age of twelve, and while my desperation to dye my hair blue hasn’t quite worked out, without this album I wouldn’t have discovered the amazing bands in the alternative rock scene that I’ve happened upon ever since. So let’s travel back 7 years and take a look at our picks for the five most enduring tracks from the album that still blow us away!

5. Sing

Kicking off this list is a true anthem, and its enduring popularity is evidence of how much the band’s fans over the years have taken its message of standing up for what’s right to heart. The beat is infectious, and as always the lyrics truly show how much effort and energy MCR have always put into their music.


4. Summertime

The thoroughly underrated ‘Summertime’ is a lot more acoustic than many of the album’s tracks, swapping synths for acoustic guitars. But this is a perfect fit for the earnest feel of youth, love and friendships offered up by the lyrics. A good emo love song is often hard to come by, and this track is one of our top picks.


3. Vampire Money

‘Vampire Money’, the album’s closer, is like a joyous blast of fun, proving that this is a record that truly never stops. Its old-school rock influences with the blues chord sequences aren’t something you’d expect to pair well with some of their fiercest lyrics across the whole album, but trust us, they’re a perfect rivalry.


2. Na Na Na

You didn’t really think we were going to leave this one off the list, did you? ‘Na Na Na’ is undoubtedly the breakthrough track of ‘Danger Days’, bringing MCR out of the dark power of the previous album ‘The Black Parade’ into a world of vibrant pop punk. The track is an energising call to arms, with a sing-along chorus that’s just as inescapable today as it was in 2010. It also serves as the perfect example of My Chemical Romance’s diversity and ability to reinvent their image and sound with every record, and for that it’s definitely one to revisit.


1. Planetary (GO!)

It’s a mark of how well-written this track is that, seven years on from its release and four years on from me buying it, I still know every word to this. The transition in to the bridge is beautiful on every listen, filled with hope and energy, and its subtle synths and lyrics fit the futuristic setting brilliantly. It’s also surprisingly topical; if you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up track or an anthem for your questioning of authority, just put this on and try not to get pumped up!


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