REVIEW: Asking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria

asking alexandria

Asking Alexandria have been through a hell of a lot in their over ten year career, with debatable line-up changes and social media upheaval. However, we’re back with original vocalist Danny Worsnop for this latest album, and some old-school fans out there are sure going to love that news – and go nuts for their fifth self-titled album release Asking Alexandria.

We start the album with the gentle opening riff of ‘Alone In A Room’ as Worsnop sings, “I’ve been away a little while, sometimes I just can’t help myself”, hinting towards quite a personal album. The sophisticated production is clear instantly and, combined with powerful riffs and a catchy melody of this particular number, it’s a great start to the album. Lead single ‘Into The Fire’ is one of the record’s more dominant tracks; enthusiastic synths and screaming vocals show listeners that, this time, Asking Alexandria mean business. This is definitely one for a live crowd, with perfectly-timed “whoa’s’ that you just have to sing along to!

‘Where Did It Go’ commands attention with its heavy chorus, not to mention lyrics that nod towards the band’s turbulent past and a catchy, memorable chorus. Moving onto ‘When The Lights Come On’, we get much more of a pop-punk feel, building up to forceful synth elements layered within. It’s a memorable track that would fill an arena with ease.

Smack bang in the middle of the album and we’re getting some more diverse musicality with ‘Under Denver’, a full-on power ballad smothered in synths. As one of the few tracks on the record that is very drum and melody focused, it is a stand out. ‘Vultures’ is a more gentle number, softening the tone with acoustic guitar and soft vocals. It’s definitely a game changer, with the vocals highlighted and exposed.

Picking up the pace with the heaviest track on the album is ‘Eve’, which builds to blaring screams, roars and powerful, stabbing chords, with contrasting, compelling verses.

We hear something completely new nearing the end of the album with track ‘Empire’. Featuring rapper Bingx, you’ll definitely take a double take as the song almost sounds a little out of place on the album. Finishing with ‘Room 138’, we’ve got gut-wrenching vocals and a firm beat that just gets better and better through the fast-paced chorus. A heavy and frantic close to the track concludes the album perfectly…

… That is, of course, if you don’t count ‘Into The Fire (Radio Edit) Xplicit’, which truly finalises the album. With an extended end including a distorted version of the British National Anthem, it’s an amusing way to wrap up the album – it’ll definitely stick with you!

Asking Alexandria have created an impressive, forceful and diverse album. The high-end production truly makes a different to a release, and these guys have gone all out to make sure it sounds amazing. We’ve got a mixture of styles, but that’s what we love about the band – their range of musicality. They’ve taken a step forward with their sound, and we can’t wait to see how this goes down in the future for them!

Asking Alexandria by Asking Alexandria is released 15sth December via Sumerian Records. 



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