REVIEW: Lovebites – Awakening From Abyss


The wicked women in Japanese power-metal group LOVEBITES have just released their debut album Awakening From Abyss, shortly after their first headline show in London earlier this month. Bursting onto the scene with their well-received EP, this album follows on from that by including the EP tracks alongside eight more for this full-length release.

The album begins with the instrumental-led ‘The Awakening’. We hear gentle guitar melodies before powerful electrics and heavy drumming come in – and it’s a fierce tempo too. ‘The Hammer Of Wrath is where we first truly hear vocals from Asami, which have quite a rich, deep tone to them, whilst still hitting those high power notes when needed. It’s a chaotic track, with very little room to breathe.

‘Scream For Me’ starts off slightly differently, with just a solo bassline introducing us to the tune before the riffs sweep in. We follow a very classic rock feel in the chorus, with a much lighter feel. The orchestral opening to ‘Liar’ sets yet another new tone, almost ballad-like in its sound, where the vocals are clean and exposed.

Next up is ‘Burden Of Time’, where the energy is brought straight back up to an anarchic level. We also hear the band play around with some synth sounds, but this is easily lost in among the other layers. ‘The Apocalypse’ has stand-out moments leading up to the chorus, from the striking guitars to lavish drums and funky keyboards, making it definitely more noticeable amongst the non-stop sound.

Moving onto ‘Inspire’, which is almost theatrical. Picking out dramatic moments, and the vocals going hand-in-hand with the guitar melodies perfectly, it’s a well thought-out track. ‘Edge Of The World’ is definitely the powerful, all-consuming sing-a-long on the album; it’s full of slow but mighty guitar solos and belting vocals that make you want to wave phone torch in the air. It’s very dramatic, but suits them well. We come to a close with ‘Bravehearted’ which brings us back ferocious guitar licks – certainly what they want to showcase with the album’s final notes.

LOVEBITES are definitely making their mark in metal music. Their songs do tend to blend together at times, making it hard to pin-point separate tracks, but this can only get better with further releases. You simply can’t fault their musical skills, but having more stand-out highlights to differentiate between tracks may benefit the band. But you should certainly keep your eyes peeled for these girls!

Awakening From Abyss by Lovebites is out now via JPU Records.



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