Slam Dunk Festival Announces More Bands – Get to Know the Line-Up So Far!

Taking Back Sunday

Previous headliners Taking Back Sunday are set to make their much-anticipated return to our shores next May, and we couldn’t be happier to hear it! Get ready for swinging microphones galore as Adam Lazzara and the boys gear up to perform what we’re sure will be a stellar set, ranging from classic alt-rock hits (‘Cute Without the ‘E’‘ and ‘MakeDamnSure‘) to newer numbers from their latest album, Tidal Waves.

Sleeping With Sirens

From the angsty pre-teen tunes that launched Sleeping With Sirens way back in 2010, we’re glad to see the band looking like a much more mature version of themselves with the release of this year’s album, Gossip. But don’t worry, they’re still the post-hardcore powerhouse we know and love, and we’re excited to see them return.

State Champs

Slam Dunk Festival is known for its championing of new pop-punk bands which, once upon a time, State Champs definitely qualified as. These days they’re a little more established, especially since the release of their killer sophomore album Around the World and Back, so Slam Dunk Festival seems more than happy to take them back under their wing for next year.


Influencing some of our favourite alternative bands to date – here’s looking at you, My Chemical Romance -, it’s great to see New Jersey’s¬†Thursday involved in the line-up for next year’s Slam Dunk Festival. Game changers of early ’00s post-hardcore, Thursday only announced their reunion last year, much to the surprise and delight of fans, so we’re looking forward to reliving our youth along with them.


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