Slam Dunk Festival Announces More Bands – Get to Know the Line-Up So Far!


Slam Dunk organisers must’ve swooped in pretty early in order to bag one of the UK’s hottest bands. Creeper are just about everywhere right now, especially since finally¬†releasing their debut album Eternity, In Your Arms, with their creative, theatrical goth-punk ways taking over alternative music. We’re always excited to hear more from them, so an early festival announcement assures us that they don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Phew!

Every Time I Die

The heaviest lot to conquer the Slam Dunk bill so far, metalcore band Every Time I Die are on a mission from the bustling streets of New York to tear three British festival sites to absolute shreds. They released their latest studio album, Low Teens, last year but fear not – if you haven’t had a chance to catch the new material then you’ve still got a huge back-catalogue of seven ear-splitting, head-banging albums to fall back on.

Four Year Strong

If you’re a regular Slam Dunk-er then you might’ve stumbled upon Four Year Strong last year, as the American pop-punks put on quite the performance as part of 2017’s line-up. They’re not your average pop-punk band – they’re more gutsy, they’re more ambitious and they’re much, much more riotous. It’s pop-punk with a bite, and that’s just the way we like it.

Real Friends

… And, on that note, going for a more traditional, head-bopping, melody-churning, sing-a-long style of pop-punk, Real Friends are also making a welcome appearance. The feel-good five-piece are sure to shower us with their upbeat anthems, likely to perform a whole bunch of tunes from their many much-loved EPs right up to their more recent (and not to mention, awesome!) single releases.


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