REVIEW: Frauds – With Morning Toast and Jam and Juice


Post-hardcore rockers Frauds are here to end 2017 with a bang with their first full-length release. The self-proclaimed power duo have hit the ground running in terms of live shows, and the release of With Morning Toast and Jam and Juice sees them join the many alternative acts in the last year to place social commentary and a fiery desire to make a real impact on their listeners as the backbone of their records. Surely this upsurge in hard-hitting rock can only mean good things for a group that prides itself on its ferocity?

Opening number ‘Let’s Find Out’ is brilliant in building your anticipation for the tracks to come. The track is almost entirely instrumental, featuring bare-bones guitar lines that keep layering up, and while they’re all a little jarring by nature they never feel like they’re out of place. Using heavy distortion the guitars take on an almost futuristic mechanical sound, which perfectly bridges the gap to the transcendent next track ‘Smooth’. The vocals on the pre-choruses are quite honestly unique; the rapidly fluctuating pitch practically turns the voice into another distorted instrument in the mix. It’s a fantastic example of down-and-dirty noise rock that truly sets the tone for the album.

With their hardcore sound Frauds have the ability to explore a whirlwind of moods and subject matter. If you prefer your music to have a bit of a humorous touch, there’s plenty of wit mixed in with the hard-rocking sound in tracks like ‘Sandwiches’ and ‘Suck Jobs’. The former’s stream-of-consciousness style lyrics and seemingly silly topic might seem an odd choice, but beneath this mask the band pile heaps of scorn on the dull restrictive atmosphere of suburbia, kicking off the attitude of rebellion present through many of the album’s tracks. In ‘Doom’ you can find it in spades; the heavy and fierce guitar riff lends itself brilliantly to the lyrics conveying the feeling of being “out of control” and not caring what the world thinks about it.

Admittedly this kind of minimalism isn’t every listener’s cup of tea, but those who enjoy an experimental sound and a refreshing take on the typical styles of rock will find enough in this record to absolutely love.


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