Drop This: Album of the Year 2017

It’s that time of year again, when we all scrabble around desperately trying to remember what the hell we’ve actually been listening to these past twelve months. That’s right, it’s our annual Album of the Year feature! Each member of the wonderful Drop This team has picked an album that claimed their title of ‘Album of the Year 2017′, as well as making some honorable mentions towards those who released some right crackers, but didn’t quite reach the top spot. So sit back, relax and relive the music of the year as you flick through the pages of Drop This’ albums of 2017!

Album of the Year 2017
Sam Lawrie


After Laughter – Paramore
Like most Paramore fans, I’d be holding my breath in eager anticipation of what the band would eventually release as the follow-up to 2013’s fantastic self-titled album. How could they possibly top it?! Well, apparently, with a whole lot of synth. The new album After Laughter is drenched in ’80s electro-pop like a melancholic bubblegum dream. It speaks of real issues in a frank, honest way, but sugarcoats them all with an almost tongue-in-cheek attitude, masking stories of genuine pain with a cheeky synth-pop wink and vocals that border on cutesy from Hayley Williams, in what we can only assume is a deliberate move to make the middle-finger messages of the record sound as innocent and fun as possible. From the infectious groove of lead single ‘Hard Times‘ to the brutally candid ‘Fake Happy‘ and the heartfelt vulnerability of ‘26‘, After Laughter is an album of versatility and growth, whilst still delivering the same punch as any other Paramore album – just with a shiny new approach.

Top 3 Albums of the Year

Melodrama – Lorde
The Spark – Enter Shikari
Eternity, In Your Arms – Creeper


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