Drop This: Album of the Year 2017

Album of the Year 2017
Sadan Brooke Mustafa

lovely little lonely

Lovely Little Lonely – The Maine
The Arizona quintet is known for their vivid, dynamic sound and their incredible work ethic. The band’s debut album Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop is regarded as a staple of the MySpace pop-punk era. The band have released five albums since then, with their latest being Lovely Little Lonely. The effervescent and cohesive album is filled with atmospheric melodies, funky, upbeat flourishes, and catchy vocals you can’t help but sing along to. The album as a whole is magnificent, but ‘Taxi‘ and ‘The Sound of Reverie‘ are something special. The beautiful, heart-warming ‘Taxi‘ is definitely my emo ballad of the year, and has quickly made its way into my all-time favourites list. Thank you, The Maine, for always coming through with the emo mega-jams. We adore you!

Top 3 Albums of the Year

Vacation – Seaway
All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell – PVRIS
Paradise – Broadside


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