Drop This: Album of the Year 2017

Album of the Year 2017
Kevin Lay

gospel youth album

Always Lose – The Gospel Youth
2017 has been a fantastic year for music. Many bands I have spent years adoring released new albums, bands I’d never heard of in January have a firm hold of my heart in December, and there have been some kick-ass live shows along the way. Despite all of this, choosing my favourite album of 2017 is the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. There was one debut album released which met every expectation and hope I had for it, after a year or two of eager anticipation.

Always Lose is bursting at the seams with emotion, melody and feeling. All ten tracks are worthy of their spot, on what is without a doubt one of my favourite albums of all time, not just this year. The first single from the album ‘Moods Like English Weather‘ is the perfect blend of energy and heart-on-sleeve lyrics; ‘Kids‘ is the song that encapsulated young love better than any other track around; and ‘Revolutions’ is lyrically as close to sheer perfection as I have ever been fortunate enough to listen to. I was fortunate enough to catch The Gospel Youth on tour this album cycle in Camden and that set established what I already knew: The Gospel Youth deserve to make it far in this industry, and I’ve got every faith in the fact that they’ll continue to realise that potential. Oh, and they’re just the nicest guys around. What’s not to love about them!?

Top 3 Albums of the Year

All These Countless Nights – Deaf Havana
Wired – Mallory Knox
Great Heights & Nosedives – ROAM


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