Drop This: Album of the Year 2017

Album of the Year 2017
Caitlin Webb


Visions of a Life – Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice
are one of the most eclectic and fascinating groups we have in the alternative scene at the moment. their style is almost impossible to pigeonhole, so when their latest album Visions of a Life was announced, I honestly had no idea what to expect. However, since I’ve loved so much of their previous records, I was pretty excited, and my God was I right to believe the hype!

Visions of a Life is even freer in its style than their debut release My Love Is Cool. Just take a look at the tracks released from the album. It goes from the heavy grunge sound and pure unadulterated rage of ‘Yuk Foo‘, which is still stuck in my head two months on from the album’s release, to the positivity and celebration of the weird and wonderful in the lyrics of ‘Beautifully Unconventional‘. These tracks showcase both the lyrical complexity and the vast instrumental range the band are capable of, complete with an overall sound that perfectly encapsulates the meaning of each lyrical masterpiece. Despite this mix of styles, the album still manages to feel cohesive thanks to the consistency of the writing; in every song there’s a sense of honesty that you just don’t hear enough. This is apparent from the dreamlike love songs like ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses‘  to the plea for help in ‘Space and Time‘. It’s a mark of how great this album is that I genuinely can’t choose favourites; it’s great to listen to an album with such high ambitions.

Top 3 Albums of the Year 

Go Away (EP) – Milk Teeth
After Laughter – Paramore
okay. – As It Is


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