Drop This: Album of the Year 2017

Album of the Year
Steve Beale 

trivium album sin

The Sin and The Sentence – Trivium
Trivium dropped The Sin and the Sentence in October this year. A stunning follow up to their 2015 release Silence in the Snow, it saw the return of heavier vocals. It can be seen as a culmination of all that Trivium have done over the past 14 years, with elements from all of their previous albums, including fan favourite Ascendancy. It isn’t just a rehash of old material, but rather an evolution, providing newer fans with the more melodic sounds of recent, and the long time fans the aggression they’ve been yearning for. It also sees a welcome return of the 7 string guitars and some seriously groove driven riffs, for example the track ‘The Wretchedness Inside‘.¬†Having followed Trivium since 2005 this album feels like they have finally found a good combination to keep everyone happy, while not just repeating themselves. I can imagine a lot of the tracks from the new album will have a great impact live.

Top 3 Albums of the Year

Reaching Into Infinity – Dragonforce
Emperor of Sand – Mastodon
Malina – Leprous


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