Drop This: Album of the Year 2017

Album of the Year
Benjamin Smart


American Dream – LCD Soundsystem
Upon hearing rumors of a return after the band’s short-lived retirement I was cautiously optimistic, yet the eventual release of LCD Soundsystem‘s fourth album was worth the wait in every respect. In the band’s off time, James Murphy kept the creative juices flowing, working with Arcade Fire and the late David Bowie and his experimentation shows. Whilst American Dream feels like a rebirth for the band it also lingers on their past and the passing icons that shaped their eclectic sound. Album opener ‘Oh Baby‘ features a crooning Murphy as he invites the listener into his world, a vacuous chasm of pop culture that swells with dreamlike synths. The album is such a cohesive piece of narrative that it’s hard to single out tracks to listen to independently. Murphy and company create a 70-minute epic of twists and turns, filled with the heartbreak and ecstasy of leaving the past and forging a new path.

Top 3 Albums of the Year

The Dusk in Us – Converge
Sick Scenes – Los Campesinos!
Being so Normal – Peach Pit


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