Drop This: Album of the Year 2017

Album of the Year 2017
Jasmine Marceau

counterfeit album

Together We Are Stronger – Counterfeit. 
So Counterfeit. exploded onto the scene pretty quickly, and even did a few headline shows with just a three track EP release. So I was very eager to hear their debut album release a couple of years into their careers – and I was not let down in the slightest. Their message as a band is so powerful. They speak of revolutionary unison; what being in the music industry is like and what fans really mean to them; and family and love is slipped in there too. Jamie Campbell-Bower‘s voice is rough and edgy, which compliments the fresh punk vibe they have going for them. With so much attitude and sleazy riffs it’s hard not to get into the pounding beats. For a debut album, this is definitely a hard one to beat!

Top 3 Albums of the Year

Heaven Upside Down – Marilyn Manson
Five – Hollywood Undead
Beyond Repair – Blood Youth


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