REVIEW: No Vacation – Intermission


Any band that can create expansive, atmospheric melodies and induce dream-like states in their listeners is a band that we can stand behind. This is exactly what indie quintet No Vacation do. And the dream-pop crew have just released their brand new EP Intermission.

The EP kicks off with the melodious ‘Yam Yam’. The tune displays a steady rhythm with vibrant, illuminating guitars and smooth, delicate vocals. ‘You’re Not With Me’ features this same tenderness, but focuses more on its ambient, fluid melody. The track has a certain hypnotising quality, leading the listener to be fully captivated by its extremely soothing, peaceful tones. The short piano-based ‘Intermission’ is lead by its sounds of calming rain and thunder.

Sab Mai’s angelic, comforting vocals are in the forefront of the twinkly, warm ‘Reaper’. The track’s vibrant riffs and gentle, ethereal flourishes are the perfect backdrop for the soft, expressive vocals.

The upbeat ‘Mind Fields’ closes the EP. The intricate, zesty track signifies the end of an imaginary summer that we never had. Its nostalgia-inducing tones and dreamy instrumental work leave the listener with images of an energetic youth, while the buzz of the instrumental in the middle of the song puts the listener in a mellow, trance-like state.

Intermission is expressive, thoughtful and incredibly dreamy. We love it.

Intermission by No Vacation is released 17th November via Topshelf Records.


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