REVIEW: Tonight Alive – Underworld

tonight alive underworld

Australian rockets Tonight Alive are releasing their brand new studio album Underworld through new label Hopeless Records. Singer Jenna McDougall says of the record that she awoke the feelings that she had repressed and used them as a driving force when creating this album, and it helped to remember why she loves music. So what did we think of this new release?

Opening the album is ‘Book Of Love’. It’s full of synth backgrounds and a powerful chorus. Full of motivational lyrics – “If you don’t try you never know” – it’s a great track to kick off the album! Next up is lead single ‘Temple’, which has a much more gritty rock vibe, especially in the distortion on Jenna McDougall’s voice, making it very edgy and a slightly different sound to what we are used to.

Tonight Alive have scored a few featured artists with Underworld, including PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn on the track ‘Disappear’. The harmonising chorus between these two beautiful voices is outstanding. It’s important for female musicians to hold one another up and empower each other, and this track is a perfect example of why it’s essential!

‘In My Dreams’ is a stand-out on this album, even if just for the lyrics. The charming poetry within this song with the stripped back guitar melody really hooks you in. We take slower pace in ‘For You’, the love ballad of the album. Soft vocal layering throughout the chorus gives a very  gentle tone, and if you’re feeling love-sick this is certainly one for you.

The tempo is upped in ‘Just For Now’, where we really hear McDougall belt out as she hits those high notes with ease. Nearing the end of the album, ‘Last Light‘ slows down again with its steady drumming and tender guitar tones. The vocals are vulnerable, and the rhythm really builds throughout the song. This is the one you want to take out your lighters for!

We come to a close with the track ‘My Underworld‘ which features Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. It’s an emotional track to conclude the album, and as Taylor’s voice is full of raw grit, it really makes the passion shine through. It’s a gorgeous song with a stunning vocal pairing, particularly at the end of the track where we hear both McDougall and Taylor overlap their voices.

This is honestly a fantastic album by Tonight Alive, displaying a range of musical traits. The lyrics are thought-provoking, expressive and executed perfectly. We hear emotive, slow songs as well as upbeat, rocky tracks that would really suit a live crowd. This is an album you have to get your hands on!

Underworld by Tonight Alive is out 12th January via Hopeless Records.


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